Peter Geddes started in 2001 when a small
line advertisement was placed in local newspapers to assist businesses’ in
preparation of their GST reports. Since then, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.
Peter Geddes Online Tax offers high-quality accounting and taxation services,
bookkeeping, ASIC company management and business advisory services to cater to
all individuals and businesses.

We strive to consistently act in the best
interests of our clients at all times while providing the highest level of
professional services to them.

Our Mission

We are focused on providing the highest
standard of professional service and conduct where our client base is our
primary focus. As a member and Fellow of the IPA in public practice, we adhere
to the ethical requirements of the IPA as well as its Investigations and
Disciplinary processes. These cover a wide range of issues, including the Code
of Conduct and Ethics, adherence to Accounting and Auditing Standards, a
commitment to continuous learning under the guidelines of continued
professional education and to hold trust money in a trust account.

Our respected professionals are 100 per cent
committed to act in your best interests. We feel a high degree of
accountability and responsibility to our clients, who trust us to help them and
offer the best taxation advice possible. We are all dedicated to maintain the
best accounting and trust fund practices possible which will, in turn, allow
you to maximise your tax return opportunities and perhaps build a hopeful future
– one with a nest egg you and your family can count on.